May 14, 2024

What's a design sprint – the ultimate guide to starting and some tools to give it a go!

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Sarah Pirie-Nally

Agency Owner

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Unlocking Innovation: How to Conduct a Design Sprint Remotely Using Canva, Figjam, or Miro

In the fast-paced world of modern business, finding innovative solutions to complex challenges is essential. Enter the design sprint – a structured and time-efficient process that brings together cross-functional teams to tackle problems, ideate solutions, and rapidly prototype ideas. While traditionally conducted in person, the rise of remote work has paved the way for conducting design sprints virtually. In this article, we'll delve into what a design sprint is and explore how you can utilize platforms like Canva, Figjam, or Miro to conduct effective remote design sprints.

What is a Design Sprint?

A design sprint is a collaborative and structured approach to problem-solving that compresses months of work into a few days. It was popularized by Google Ventures (now known as GV) and is widely used by companies seeking to develop, prototype, and test ideas in a short timeframe. The process typically spans five days and involves five phases:

  1. Understand: Define the problem and gain a deep understanding of user needs.
  2. Diverge: Ideate and brainstorm potential solutions without constraints.
  3. Converge: Select the most promising ideas and align the team's focus.
  4. Prototype: Create a visual representation of the chosen solution.
  5. Test: Gather user feedback by testing the prototype.

Conducting Remote Design Sprints Using Canva, Figjam, or Miro

The shift to remote work has made it crucial to adapt traditional processes to virtual settings. Tools like Canva, Figjam, and Miro offer a range of collaborative features that make remote design sprints possible and effective.

1. Canva:

  • Utilize Templates: Canva provides templates tailored for various design needs. Choose a template that aligns with your sprint's goal, whether it's wireframing, user journey mapping, or brainstorming.
  • Collaborate in Real Time: Invite team members to collaborate on designs simultaneously. Leverage comments and feedback features to facilitate communication during each sprint phase.
  • Prototype and Visualize: Create interactive prototypes using Canva's features. This allows your team to visualize ideas more effectively and gather feedback.

2. Figjam:

  • Virtual Whiteboard: Figjam offers a virtual whiteboard space where team members can brainstorm, draw, and write ideas. It's perfect for the "Diverge" and "Converge" phases of the design sprint.
  • Sticky Notes and Voting: Use digital sticky notes to capture ideas and facilitate voting to prioritize the best ones. This mirrors the traditional process of dot voting used in in-person design sprints.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Collaborate on the same canvas in real time, fostering an inclusive and interactive environment for remote teams.

3. Miro:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Miro is designed for visual collaboration, making it ideal for remote design sprints. Create boards for each sprint phase and organize your content seamlessly.
  • Mind Mapping and Flowcharts: Utilize Miro's capabilities to create mind maps and flowcharts, helping to visualize user journeys and solution pathways.
  • Prototyping and Testing: Prototype and test ideas by creating interactive interfaces. Use Miro's extensive library of icons and shapes to build detailed prototypes.

Bringing It All Together

Remote design sprints, facilitated by tools like Canva, Figjam, or Miro, bridge the geographical gap and encourage cross-functional teams to collaborate seamlessly. By adapting the design sprint methodology to a virtual environment, you can harness the creativity, expertise, and innovation of your team members, regardless of their location. These platforms provide the canvas on which your team can ideate, create, and iterate, driving your projects forward in a dynamic and agile manner. Embrace the power of virtual collaboration and design sprints to unlock innovation and propel your business to new heights, even when working remotely.

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Sarah Pirie-Nally

Agency Owner

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