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We wonder and wander to find our next evolution and curate inspiration experiences to unleash your inner genius.

Over 25,000 humans have experienced a little wonder and wander through Wired for Wonder, Nurture Her, Nurture Change, Unleashed, Fernatics, The Wonder Tribe and Island in a Box. We have run the experiments and made all the mistakes. Now we bring you experiences we passionately and consciously curate to upgrade your human and unleash your inner genius.

The Wonder and Wander Foundation was established to shrink the world. To open hearts and minds and help bridge gaps in education, privilege, diversity and cycles of inequality.

We exist to connect under represented and under privlidged with opportunities to change us all.


The numbers

speak for themselves




Meet the founders



Sarah is an energetic Mumpreneur on a mission to help us all learn to harness the power of our minds and unleash our wonder mindset.

Co-founder of Australia’s most innovative event series ‘Wired for Wonder’ for CommBank, Tropical Biz Retreat ‘Nurture Her’, online shoe business ‘Sienna Baby’, creative consultancy ‘The Wonder Tribe’ and more recently ‘Wonder and Wander’, Sarah is passionate about helping people unlock their Wonder Mindset to experiment with ways of working and reach their full potential so that they can be more productive, efficient, happy, conscious, engaged and creative in all aspects of life.

From Innovative Intrepreneur and Design Thinking Coach at CommBank to Entrepreneur and serial business owner and Microsoft Ambassador, Sarah has experimented with process improvement, productivity, innovation, Design Thinking and of course old fashioned grit and determination to create an eco-system of successful businesses.

Sarah completed a Bbus HR and Psychology at Monash University, she’s a qualified Hypnotherapist, Design Thinking Coach, NLP Master and is currently studying a diploma of neuropsychology.

She speaks about the future of work, creativity, innovation, design thinking, productivity, business, flexibility, being a working Mum, how to be more curious and changing mindsets. Her first book “The Wonder Mindset” is due out late 2019.



Steve is a passionate pilot, travel entrepreneur and wander addict who spends time bringing ideas to life across different sectors including travel, fitness and not-for-profit. Steve has founded a number of successful companies – the key, he reckons, is to continue to be excited and motivated by change. He’s on a mission empowering other like-minded people, young and old to wander, wonder and be curious about where their true hearts desires may lead them.

Steve’s involvements have included:

  • Founder of Unleashed Travel
  • BRW Fast 100 AU
  • Founder of Fernatics Sports & Events
  • Director of Spirit of Sharing
  • Director of Perform Better Australia & NZ

After experiencing burn out as a young entrepreneur with a young family, Steve found flying helped him take control and take flight, so he is passionate about empowering people around the world to do the same with a program he is runway testing “wander pilot”. Steve is a talented creative strategist who activates change and encourages people to think outside the square.



We curate and produce workshops that stimulate and empower positive change. Change in your mindset, change in your business and change in you.


We open minds for transformational change. We bring a curious and playful approach to activating change. We curate the wonder tribe to unleash innovation, creativity and positive change in your business.


Dreamt of producing a retreat or large scale event? White label our event production blue print to wow your tribe.


Our foundation

The Wonder and Wander Foundation was established to shrink the world. To open hearts and minds and help bridge gaps in education, privilege, diversity and cycles of inequality.

We exist to connect under-represented and underprivileged with opportunities to change us all.

We are born curious and creative and willing to try, play and take risks – but over time we are programmed to conform, do things a certain way and the inner wonder and wander of children decreases over time (and has been found to be almost non-existent as kids become teenagers and then adults).

We are the bridge and connection of the wisdom, energy and success of our alumni, partners and contributors and the future leaders of our world. 

We create incubation challenges, Wonder and Wander Inspiration / creativity pop ups, design thinking challenges and curriculum to inspire the Wonder and Wander spirit in our youth and future leaders. We inspire the soft skills and imagination skills that are often neglected in formal curriculum due to funding and focus.

We will design the first W&W Foundation Program at the Evolve Leadership Summit in Bali this October 2019 which will also be executed and supported by our founding alumni, partners and contributors.


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