You're capable of more than you think. this is one of wonder & wander's founding beliefs - BECAUSE IT'S TRUE.

Wonder Labs can help you coach, facilitate and champion change within organisations, schools and communities. We consult, curate and collaborate with you to help you unleash sustainable change. 


we have deep experiences and knowledge in:

Wonder Mindset

Bespoke methodology

Design Thinking & Creative Problem Solving

We connect dots, people and ideas

Workshops on the importance of play

We are very serious about play

Bespoke Program Design & Delivery

Including Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) and appreciative enquiry

Leadership off-sites

Including Corporate wellness and performance

Coaching & Mentoring

What does the next level look and feel like for you?


the wonder mindset

The Wonder Mindset is a highly innovative methodology for getting people comfortable with contrast, chaos, diversity and creativity to evolve their self-awareness and promote sustainable innovation within their organisation.

Created by Sarah Nally, who evolved the methodology over eight years and has used it within organisations including AGL, Commonwealth Bank Australia, Callaway Golf, REA Group and The Department of Education, it has been designed to rewire and reprogram your mind for creativity, innovative thinking and change implementation.

Other methodologies can help you bring ideas to the table; this methodology helps you bring ideas to life.

Book a Wonder Mindset workshop and learn how to adopt this methodology yourself to unleash innovation in your life and in your work. This method is for anyone who has an epic problem to solve.

From starting a business to navigating complex decisions or out of the box scenarios, the Wonder Mindset is particularly good for teams who might not love or celebrate change. Make problem solving easier and fun. The Wonder Mindset will help you realise there is no such thing as an unsolvable problem, just paradigms and perspectives that require a creative take and a creative way forward.

You’ve heard of Design Thinking, Agile, Growth Mindset, Change Management, Serious Lego Play – well now it’s time you immerse yourself in The Wonder Mindset. 



We’re very serious about play.

We teach adults the art of play, design thinking and the Wonder Mindset through workshops, 1:1 coaching and experience architecture, exposing you to different thinking, experiences and ways of doing things to unleash more play in your world.


Leadership off-siteS

We gather teams. We gather tribes. We gather organisations. We design experiences and programs to inspire your people.

From growth mindset, the neuroscience of creativity and innovation, how to start a business and how to be more innovative to unleashing creativity and productivity - innovative thinking in business is our jam.

We leverage emerging research and trends to design experiences that will inspire your people. From workshops to expos and town halls, when we get involved, there are no soggy sandwiches and boring presentations.

We bring your communications and experiences to life. We design and facilitate big and little get-togethers. From a 10 person team gathering or offsite to a 2 000 human tribal gathering.

We’ve produced mind-altering experiences, including and

Could yours be next?


program design and delivery

We build programs.

We build culture.

We build strategy.

We build process.

Builders are the people who bring your blueprint to life.

We gather humans and services and technology to help you bring your plans to life.

We headhunt.

We recruit.

We create bespoke programs to change mindsets.


design thinking & creative problem solving

We connect dots. We connect people. We connect ideas.

Connectors see possibilities, opportunities and potential fit, using design thinking to help solve seemingly impossible problems.

Through creative problem solving, we’ll teach you to connect seemingly disparate concepts, ideas and proposals to make your business goals come to life. And...we’ll connect you with ideas, services and people to get the job done.


coaching & mentoring

What does the next level look and feel like for you?

Let’s find out and then go on an adventure to get you there…

But first...let’s uncover your motivations, your purpose and your why before we go on this adventure to make sure we are on the right track... 

Let’s also learn a few skills and tools along the way to unleash a little wonder in your world… whether in your relationships, business or just life in general.

Coaching is different for everyone but can include:

  • Custom hypnosis tracks to rewire your thinking
  • Homework and challenges to wire you for wonder
  • Personal branding workshops
  • Keynote coaching and speaking
  • Filming and production for online influence
  • Learning to tell your story with confidence 

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