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We’ve taken the headaches out of destination events for 15 Years, with over 25 000 domestic and international happy travellers. 

Creating an event can be an expensive failure. All too often, the process is confusing and needlessly time-consuming. Island in a Box solves that problem.

We take you and your team through our proven process that will turn your idea into a profitable event that will build your tribe, help you connect with your community and make you money.


our proven process

Case study

step 1

Experience trip: 3 nights to experience the destination

Ideation: creating the name and theme of your event, choosing the time, duration and venue

Experience design: pre-arrival, event, post.  

Agree & sign off


Financial Management

Legal Waivers and Insurance

Task Management and Delegation

Plan and activate


Project Plan

Size and Scale

Sales and Marketing



Ticket Sales Process (CRM)

Analyse & Review


Past Event Debrief


Analysis and Metrics

Selling Your Next Event On Location



Logistics: transport, visa, payments

Health and Wellness Integration

Food and Beverage

Event Production and Decor

Gathering Methodologies: mentor walks, keynotes, design thinking, etc.

Speakers and Facilitators

Filming and Documenting

Sponsorship and Partners


create an event based on your ideas, your content, your vibe and your audience

Live events are an amazing way to connect your tribe and provide an amplified brand experience. 

Neuroscientists have proven the highest quality of communication happens face to face. 

In today’s hyper-connected and distributed digital society, the best way to get cut through and create meaningful, high-quality interactions is through face to face gatherings.


wonder & wander is your ultimate success partner

We’ll help you curate mind altering and life changing gatherings that help you get your message across. Wonder&Wander are the founders and creators of:

  • Wired for Wonder
  • Unleashed Travel
  • Nurture Change
  • Nurture Her
  • Unplugged 
  • Evolve

our event clients



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