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We believe in transformative event design that fosters an environment of intimacy, connection and psychological safety. 

We’ve worked with brands big and small to bring people together to talk about the stuff that matters; learn something new and evolve together.


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We use tools for change - including design thinking and appreciative inquiry - to foster psychological safety, connection and intimacy so that true transformation can happen. From preventing sexual violence in LGBTQI++ communities to preventing suicide and domestic violence we have consciously and carefully curated experiences to unleash purpose, care and co-create solutions.


topics we've facilitated include

Innovation Design Thinking, Unleashing Ideas, Creativity, Mental Health, Domestic Violence, Customer Obsession, Your Social Media Mindset, Your Innovator's Mindset, Self Harm, Suicide Prevention, Preventiing Domestic Violence, Gender Identification and Sexual Health in the LGBTI community.


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